In-depth information and insight into market trends are perhaps the most important traits for a successful investor, and an efficient stock trading software solution can provide all the resources needed. It’s always wise to stay safe though and not go on to seek any unfair advantage particularly when there are many things that would lure an investor.


Hillary Clinton’s Hedge Fund Association


The lure of hedge funds seems to captivate one and all, including people who publicly take a stand against it. One of the examples reported by the media is 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who has been revealed to have received significant funding from hedge fund founders, and whose daughter Chelsea worked for New York City-based hedge fund, Avenue Capital Group in 2006. Chelsea, who was reported to have been influential in much of the funding for Clinton, has also married Marc Mezvinsky, a hedge fund co-founder. This seems paradoxical considering that Hillary Clinton had been extremely vocal in her opposition to hedge funds in her presidential campaign, accusing hedge fund managers of minting millions of dollars but still paying disproportionately lower tax, even lower than the average American.


China’s Hedge Fund King No Longer Free


China is the land of a big hedge fund tycoon, even considered by some people as the king of Chinese investing, but who finally ended up getting caught. Xu Xiang built his empire on hedge funds and transformed himself from a member of China’s middle class population to a millionaire. Through Zexi Investment, the hedge fund he founded, Xu kept producing unbelievable returns with one of his poorly performing funds growing by close to 800 percent in a matter of just five years. He survived many market falls and kept amassing a fortune by securing exclusive and hidden information on stocks, and trading on that knowledge – insider trading, and also manipulating stocks. Both are fraudulent practices. Eventually, investigations into his trading techniques and corruption allegations also increased.


From June 12, 2015, when the stock market in China began plummeting, to further falls on July 27 and August 24 - the latter of which was referred to as Black Monday and resulted in the market losing $5 trillion - stock markets around the world began feeling its effects with London’s FTSE 100 index losing $116 billion and Dow Jones falling by over 1000 points a short while after opening. But Xu could still survive that thanks to his dubious trading practices.


Finally, the police arrested him on November 1, 2015 charging him with insider trading, considered to be one of the factors in the 2015 summer meltdown of the Chinese stock market, and also, some believe, corruption. Xu Xiang is certainly down now, but the lure of unjust success through insider trading and market manipulation was too strong for the hedge fund magnate to resist as he started out in the field.


The stock market in India has witnessed a recent upsurge, and there are plenty of growth opportunities around. It is a good time for new investors. The growth prospects of the Indian economy are leading both new and seasoned investors to invest in equities as the better option.


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