When you’re trading stocks online, it is important to remember that sales and earnings can directly affect the stock price of a company.

GoPro’s Rough Period

GoPro ($GPRO) has had its shares decline 15% year to date and over 50% through last year. This has largely been because the Hero action cameras which it’s been known for are expensive, and the cheaper ones by rival manufacturers are also better performing. This factor has significantly inhibited GoPro’s sales in spite of the company carrying out massive marketing and event sponsorship campaigns globally.

But now $GPRO is releasing its first drone, the Karma which is packaged with GoPro’s Hero5 Black camera. Pricing for the Karma begins at $799.99 and, though expensive, it has managed to create a buzz. And that’s because the Karma is quite a flexible drone that can be used for various occasions. This flexibility plus the fact that it is packaged with the GoPro Hero5 Black camera gives the drone a competitive edge against the rival drone by DJI ($DJI) which is considered the recreational and commercial drone leader.

Massive Potential in the Drone Market

The drone market could reach $12 billion by 2021. However, the consumer segment gets the most attention from investors since this segment could quadruple in the coming five years. The market is still in its budding stage. There is significant potential out there, and only recently were regulations put in place for the operation of drones which has caused some people to be hesitant to buy them. But with awareness campaigns by manufacturers, that hesitancy could be transformed to eagerness!

The GoPro Karma will be available from October. It is a portable device and comes with removable camera and a stabilizer. It features semi-autonomous flight mode and a touch screen controller. All this could contribute to more autonomous filming and photo snapping.

Karma Could Outperform DJI Phantom 4

These advanced features have led to the Karma being priced significantly more than archrival DJI’s Phantom 4 drone. This does raise concerns among investors as to whether consumers would prefer the Phantom 4 over the GoPro. But Karma’s sheer portability and its packaging with a GoPro Hero camera could make it more attractive for potential customers.

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