When trading stocks online, it is important to identify trends that markets are creating or that stocks are heading to. Businesses enter new and potentially lucrative segments all the time.

Daydream View VR Headset

The virtual reality (VR) market is set to become a million dollar industry. And Google ($GOOG) wants to exploit the potential of this market before some of the other tech majors do. It has made a significant step towards this by launching the Daydream View lightweight VR headset. This is a major improvement over the company’s earlier cardboard VR headset. However, the new headset costs $79, a $64 hike over the cardboard one that cost less than $15. The new headset features motion control and a microcontroller for navigation. It must be used along with VR-enabled smartphones and is manufactured from soft micro fibers.

If you remember, Google announced the Daydream VR platform earlier in 2016 featuring apps only running on Google-certified phones. Google’s mobile OS Android will also feature the VR mode for enabling users to view the content of their apps in virtual reality.

New VR Content Partnerships

To enrich its VR content, Google has also launched some partnerships with some of the major studios as well as content platforms. Google is expecting 50 content partnerships to be established before the year ends. This includes Warner Bros’ “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and the VR content and movies of the New York Times Company, among others. Google Maps’ Street View option will feature curated tours while you can have exclusive VR content on its YouTube app.

Digi-Capital reckons that by 2020 the virtual reality market will be worth $30 billion. Facebook ($FB) has its Oculus Rift headset which is a significantly more expensive option than Google’s Daydream View and was initially made targeting gamers, though it has now begun talks with content partners. Oculus Rift need not be used with a phone. However, the advantage of having the smartphone operate as a content hub is that the application list is broader. That’s the advantage of Daydream View over Facebook’s VR headset. Another factor going for Google is the growing market share of Android, being the most popular mobile OS currently.

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