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Some time back it was feared that the growing popularity of mobile devices would be detrimental to Google’s dominance. But, till now, smartphones have only managed to resurrect Google. The latest proof of this is the 27% rise in Q3 profit reported by Google’s parent company Alphabet ($GOOG, $GOOGL) on Thursday, the 27th of October, 2016. Alphabet is the second largest company by market value after Apple (AAPL), and its growth continues steadily since smartphones are now the rage and are being used by everyone. They use Google as they spend more time on these mobile devices. And advertisers spend more money to target them there.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that Google’s mobile properties such as search, YouTube, Google Play and maps are what people like the most and hang out in. Pichai calls Google’s services "prime time" for mobile users. And another important factor is that IDC states that the Android operating system powers around 87% of smartphones globally. All Android phones are pre-installed with Google services.

95% of mobile search is controlled by Google, a dominance that is much larger than the 78% control it has on PC or laptop search. This mobile dominance is due to the fact that Google is the search engine by default on Android mobiles and iPhones as well. And digital marketing firm Merkle states that users on mobile click on ads on search at a greater rate than users on desktop would, since for some searches on mobile the ads virtually occupy the entire screen. And over half of the revenue for Alphabet comes from these mobile ads. Last year, Google executives claimed that mobile search traffic had exceeded PC traffic.

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