With online trading you always need to look at the most happening companies out there. Some of these companies aren’t restricted to a particular industry. Google ($GOOGL) and parent company Alphabet are tech companies constantly pushing the barrier and their stock value as well. And they are no longer restricted to the IT technology sector they started out with.

There’s virtually nothing that Google won’t stop at. From the search, social networking and comprehensive online services sphere, the search engine giant has eventually moved into the experimenting in the transportation field with it self-driving cars project, still in its experimental stage. And now it seems that Google maybe taking the fight to Uber. Motley Fool quotes a Wall Street Journal article that says that Google has started to roll out a service which is an alternative to the ride-hailing service offered by Uber. What makes Google’s service different is that it does not require professional or dedicated drivers for this. But you do need the Waze app for route planning in your smartphone.

This service is in its pilot program stage and is currently only available for employees of a few companies in the Silicon Valley area. Eventually, Google will make the service available to all Waze app users in the San Francisco-area.

  • To begin with, the Waze app enables commuters to connect with each other for sharing rides.
  • They can also connect with drivers who are heading in their direction, so they can be taken along.
  • The riders pay the fares to drivers, but drivers are not full-time ones. They could be employees of some company like the commuters themselves.

The pilot program seems to be intentionally designed to discourage full-time drivers. That’s what differentiates this Google service from that offered by Uber or Lyft. Riders can only have two rides per day, which does make sense for employees who want to head to work and get back home. The maximum fare riders pay under the pilot program is $0.54 cents per mile.

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