When market uncertainty is huge, your instinct is often just to survive. You want the stocks in your portfolio to represent various industries so you can escape any economic downturn that tends to affect certain industries more than others. With advanced trading software, you have greater control of your trading process.  
The unpredictability of the current epidemic the world is experiencing has a silver lining because the market has rebounded amazingly from the downturn that started in March. So, you can move over from thinking about just surviving to actually experiencing some growth.   
Not All Growth Stocks Are Mainstream Ones  
Some stocks just may not appear in the mainstream view, but could potentially offer amazing growth potential. The current market volatility has brought about these unique opportunities, like growth stocks at a discount. In just six months, we’ve seen the stock market head into a deep bear market territory and then head back up again. And that’s given rise to new opportunities that are off-the-charts. Motley Fool analyst Sean Williams asks if you have $5,000 to invest in some growth stocks.    
With that, Williams turns his attention towards Trupanion ($TRUP), an insurance stock. This is a unique insurance company though, which is why it figures in this list. Trupanion is an insurer for companion pets such as, you guessed it, cats and dogs. That means it isn’t as slow in growth as the usual insurance stocks relying on premium pricing power.  
Lots of Growth Potential in the Companion Pet Industry  
What makes the companion pet industry so conducive to growth? Pets are considered family members by Americans and receive tremendous care as a result. It is estimated that Americans will spend $30.2 billion on veterinary care and products, and also $10.7 billion onboarding, grooming, and other services including insurance.  US pet expenditures haven’t declined year-over-year for at least 25 years, according to information released by the American Pet Products Association.  
There is the potential for tremendous growth here, because currently only 1% to 2% of companion pets are insured in North America. With the interest in pets in the past 25 years, this figure is only set to grow in the years to come, with more pet owners being encouraged to buy coverage for their beloved pets.   
There’s of course competition in the companion pet insurance industry. But Williams points out that Trupanion has already established relationships with many hospitals. The company’s sales in 2019 amounted to around $384 million, and by 2024 its annual sales could touch $1 billion. That’s a growth prospect right there.     
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