When you are carrying out online stock trading in tech stocks, you need to watch for the artificial intelligence (AI) field since that is what the tech companies are getting interested in.

Artificial intelligence is the bread and butter of Alphabet’s ($GOOG, $GOOGL) expansion. Its recent experiment is proof of just how serious it is with regard to AI. The Google Brain Team has revealed through a published research paper that AI entities can perform various kinds of “encryption and decryption”, and that these operations can be applied selectively for meeting confidentiality goals.

The Google Brain Experiment

Google’s experiment involved creating three AI entities performing separately with two of them communicating through secret messages as the third attempts to intercept and decode those messages. The encryption proved strong, but there were instances when the encryption was broken. In such circumstances, more advanced techniques were devised by the AI networks to secure the messages. But, strangely, the networks were not fed with any encryption knowledge. So the sudden encryption strategies the networks devised were original, which means that Alphabet researchers may never know for sure the kind of encryption strategies used by the networks, or manage to crack it.

AI Efforts of Competitors

And let’s not forget that the Alphabet Brain Team isn’t alone in the quest for AI and machine learning excellence. AI has been synonymous with IBM ($IBM) after its Watson managed to comprehensively defeat two contestants, and former winners, of the quiz show “Jeopardy” back in 2011. And Microsoft ($MSFT) has also created an AI division, with over 5000 of its employees dedicated to expanding the tech giant’s AI capabilities through hardcore research. Other tech majors have also made efforts to expand their AI potential. These include Apple ($AAPL), Facebook ($FB), Amazon ($AMZN), Tesla Motors ($TSLA) and Nvidia ($NVDA).

Each of these companies has their own respective goals in pursuing AI research, but the common indication all this gives is that artificial intelligence is worth allocating staff and resources to. That’s because these tech giants feel this is the next big thing. This will be playing a major role in the future plans and products launched in the market by these companies.

The Stock Potential

With Google Brain, Alphabet has made a significant step forward, though it really hasn’t got to the stage where it can launch an AI product. That’s why this research paper by Google isn’t likely to influence $GOOGL stock in any way. But with continued innovation, AI will certainly raise the value of its stock. Parent company Alphabet is serious about artificial intelligence, as proved by its 2014 acquisition of the leader in AI research, DeepMind.

And what makes Google’s AI future bright is that that Brain project developed networks and systems that could solve a complex problem without being taught how to do it. The system developed its own solution. That sounds like sci-fi stuff, but that’s the ace up Alphabet’s sleeve. Eventually that will impact on its stock.

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