Fresh out of college? It’s time to start thinking about controlling your finances for a bright new future. And smart investing can eventually be part of it. But before that, there are a few steps you absolutely need to take.


  • First things first - repay your student loans as quickly and effectively as possible. You don’t want to be like those 3.3 million student loan borrowers in default in America. Without a plan it could get really hard to pay off, and it is getting harder than before. Americans have student debts worth $1.3 trillion to pay off.
  • These figures aren’t meant to alarm you but to help you understand how important it is to develop a loan repayment schedule. Sometimes you may have to make some sacrifices to ensure you pay back in full and on time each month. The key is to fully understand how much paying back your debt would affect the finances you set apart for day-to-day living. Don’t ever think of defaulting unless you really want to hurt your credit score, making any future loans harder to secure.
  • It is important to have an emergency savings fund, since you could never know when you might have an emergency such as the loss of a job, an accident or a health issue. Experts believe that you first need to start saving by covering for three months’ worth living expenses. Only after you’ve reached that target should you begin saving for vacations, retirement, etc.
  • Speaking of retirement, it is the next most important thing you must save for. The sooner you start doing it, after you’ve saved for your emergency expenses, the better. It can be hard when you’re a fresh graduate and have just got yourself a job, but even small amounts as low as $10 per month can help pile up your savings over the years and come up to a healthy amount when you eventually retire.


Once you’ve sorted all this out, you can think of investment and stock trading as a means of boosting your income. For that you can start by learning about and actually trading stocks online with the help of an experienced broker dealer providing a great platform. TradeZero offers that, so if you’ve set your finances in order, and have some money to start with, you can head straight here. All you need to do is visit or call us at 954-944-3885.



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