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Poor Sales for Ford Overall

August wasn’t a great month for the Ford Motor Company ($F). While it is a tough time for the automobile industry overall, $F particularly experienced sales dipping 8.8% year-over-year.

  • Ford suffered a 26.5% decline in its overall passenger car lineup. Breaking up the sales year-over-year performance for some of company’s models gives the following results, based on this report: Explorer: -15.5%; Fiesta: -16%; Fusion: -32.6%; Focus: -28%; Edge SUV: -5.3%; Escape: -3%
  • Back in July, Ford had expressed its concern regarding the second half of 2016 as a result of the rise in delinquencies regarding auto loans. Remember, interest rates have been in the region of record lows for many years.
  • This month also saw a decline in fleet sales for Ford. Fleet customers account for 4% of the company’s domestic sales. A year ago, in August 2015, fleet sales made up 6% of the company’s domestic sales.

Lincoln Sales Bring in Positivity

However, there was some cheer since sales of Ford’s Lincoln brand vehicles rose 7%. These are high-end luxury vehicles and increased sales of these enabled Ford to balance out the sales decline in other models. It helped Ford to outpace the industry in terms of average transaction pricing. That increased $1200 from a year ago. Sales of transit vans also rose, but by a much more significant percentage - 17% to reach 11,993 units. In fact, these sales to commercial customers make up the one consistent growth factor for Ford. Overall transactions rose by an approximate $1200 year over year.

$F stock has experienced 10.31% depreciation in the past year. It now offers a 4.78% dividend yield. It has a short interest of 3.80%. Remember that short interest is an indication that the stock must not be overlooked.

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