Canadians carrying out online trading in US stocks need to know that businesses on a growth path must be closely monitored. Facebook is now expanding its advertising value through greater monetization opportunities.


Facebook has 1.65 billion users, which is a really good thing. But it needs to create more monetizing opportunities for its sustenance and growth. While the user base has been increasing, they are using the service for free and Facebook hasn’t exactly been able to monetize from that. And that’s what the social media giant is looking at now, and what it has struggled with before.


Integrating Advertising into Facebook


Facebook has kept adding more and more value to its platform, by integrating advertising into it and providing a more dynamic experience for the mobile platform. Then it went ahead and acquired WhatsApp and Instagram which have further helped it globalize its appeal, giving Facebook a platform for image and video-enriched social media.


With Instagram having 400 million users and WhatsApp 1 billion users, combined with Facebook Messenger’s 900 million, the advertising opportunities get maximized threefold particularly since many Facebook users are WhatsApp and Instagram users as well, and vice versa. These impressive stats are an indication that advertising opportunities would also increase significantly. The improvement in mobile bandwidth further increases the opportunities.


Facebook Local Awareness


Facebook is further aiming to attract itself to advertisers by upgrading its Local Awareness marketing solution. This can enable retailers to have a much clearer idea of the effectiveness of their ads. Thanks to the app tracking user locations when turned on, Facebook can know when a user responds to an ad and walks into the store. It can also analyze ads leading to online sales. All these features enable Facebook to create more monetizing opportunities by attracting advertisers. This is important now, since advertisers were really not getting many returns through Facebook advertising. This caused many advertisers to pull back on their advertising.


The improved marketing opportunity should eventually reflect in Facebook’s stock performance. Canadians trading stocks online can get in touch with TradeZero for advanced resources and insight for effective trading. Contact us at +1 954-944-3885 or email



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