Zero commission brokerage is one of those things that set online stock trading apart from conventional stock trading with a brick and mortar broker firm.

If there's one thing that's different in stock trading from how things were when Warren Buffet and George Soros started out, it's technology. It has become significantly easier for people with no trading experience whatsoever to start and learn about trading stocks in the stock market. That's possible thanks to online trading platforms and mobile apps offered by online broker dealers. Online brokerages have made the difference.

Why Online Trading Makes the Difference

Learning to trade stocks can be slightly overwhelming, and you need all the help you can get. That's why online trading is the right way to go about doing this since you can learn and trade simultaneously. To make this process more rewarding, online broker dealers offer features such as zero commission brokerage and higher day trading leverage. This enables newbie traders to maximize their earnings potential even while they're learning.

Online broker dealers run technology-driven platforms. As a result they can run with much lesser overhead, enabling them to offer features such as commission free trading. Online broker dealers do not need to maintain a physical network of offices like brick and mortar offices do. That reduces a good deal of expenses. They also have much less operational costs to deal with because of the absence of a physical presence. These savings enable them to offer commission-free trading, something you cannot expect from a conventional, brick and mortar brokerage firm.

The Brokerage Fee

A brokerage fee is something the brokerage or broker dealer charges for any trading transaction carried out. For a newbie trader, these commissions could prove to be a significant drain on the earnings received from any sale of stock. Even buying stock would entail paying commission to the brokerage firm. This process of paying commissions could sometimes prove to be quite a discouraging factor. Zero commission trading ensures that you don't need to pay for a certain number of trades. That can cover all the trades you make during your learning experience.

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