Stocks with astronomical growth potential are as much attractive for seasoned investors as commission free trading is for new traders. Companies whose revenue rises rapidly are particularly attractive for investors though these organizations may not always be offering dividends or value. Their risk profile could be volatile too.

In spite of these less-than-ideal characteristics, a company that experiences astronomically surging sales could have its share price appreciating significantly. And Motley Fool analysts do believe there is a company whose sales could actually double in one year though it’s usually rare for public companies. And 2017 is expected to be the year it could attain such growth, along with other such companies.

Fitbit’s Amazing Revenue Potential

Primarily among these companies is Fitbit (NYSE: FIT), the wearable fitness tracker manufacturer. In 2015, the company experienced a revenue surge of over 100% from the previous year. Its revenue was worth $1.9 billion, while in 2014 it was only $745 million. This year the company looks set to make somewhere between $2.5 billion and $2.6 billion which would translate to around 35% annual revenue growth from 2015. You may think the percentage of growth has slowed down though the revenue figures are nothing short of impressive. But analysts believe $FIT’s best days are still ahead, with significant chances for the revenue growth to outperform expectations, and that’s because the fitness tracker market is still in its infancy and far from reaching saturation level.

Fitbit has sold less than 50 million of its fitness trackers since the company’s inception. A significant percentage of those sales has been to existing Fitbit owners who wished to upgrade to new products. But there are so many new customers the company can target, particularly smartphone users according to Motley Fool’s analysts. A fitness tracker is such a useful product and smartphone users, who in America make up 72% of the adult population, can be made to warm up to the resourcefulness of the product in helping maintain health and potentially avoid serious lifestyle diseases. The majority of these smartphone users do not own Fitbit devices.

More Markets to Be Tapped

Moving on to the geographic market situation, close to 80% of Fitbit’s revenue in the last quarter came from North America. So while American smartphone users need to be targeted, there are so many potential customers out there in the Asia Pacific, European and South American markets. Let’s not forget that the success of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics would have inspired more Brazilians to be fitter. Fitbit did launch in China, Japan and Korea in the last quarter.

If the current public demand for $FIT products remains, there is massive growth potential for the company in 2017 and in the coming years. And the share prices could soar too.

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