Comparing companies and industries is an essential aspect of trading stocks online. An experienced stockbroker can give you all the resources you need to compare various stocks.  Here’s a look at some stocks spanning various industries so you can have a clearer picture of what to invest in.  

Lemonade ($LMND)
Lemonade is an AI-powered insurance company. That gives it the edge over its competitors. Chatbots help predicts risk for the company more precisely. Its advanced platform collects a lot more data that enables the company to detect fraudulent claims better, helping save costs:      

  • For Q2 2021, Lemonade updated its earnings guidance to the range of $26 million to $27 million while consensus revenue estimates were at $26.24 million.  

  • For Q1 2021, Lemonade reported a net loss worth $49 million, while it had reported $36.5 million in Q1 2020. Adjusted EBITDA loss was reported at $41.3 million compared to Q1 2020s $22.4 million.  

  • For the whole of 2020, Lemonade reported a gross loss ratio worth 71%, compared to gross loss ratio worth 79% for the whole of 2019.  

  • For Q4 2020, Lemonade reported a 73% gross loss ratio, similar to the Q4 2019 gross loss ratio of 73%.

  • Q3 2020 saw Lemonade report gross profit worth $7.3 million, 83% greater than Q3 2019. Net loss dropped from $31.1 million in Q3 2019 to $30.9 million in Q3 2020.  

Rollins ($ROL)
Pest control company Rollins boasts 2.8 million customers globally. Even the pandemic did little to scupper the company’s business. The company has tasted revenue growth for 23 consecutive years:  

  • For Q1 2021, Rollins reported revenue growing 9.8% to hit $535.6 million. (Q2 2021 information not available).

  • For the full year of 2020, Rollins saw its revenue grow 7.2% from $2.015 billion to $2.161 billion. Net income, however, grew from $203.3 million to $260.8 million.    

  • Q4 2020 saw Rollin’s report revenue worth $536.3 million, beating the $530.2 million Refinitiv IBES estimate, and also beating Q4 2019 revenue that was reported at $506 million. The company earned net income worth $62.6 million, more than $50.8 million from Q4 2019.    

  • For Q3 2020, Rollins reported revenue worth $583.7 million, also beating the $577.6 million Refinitiv IBES estimate.

PayPal Holdings ($PYPL)

Online payments platform PayPal has 392 million active accounts and growing. In just the past four quarters PayPal processed over $1.03 trillion payments, earning it revenue worth $22.9 billion and free cash flow of $5.3 billion.    
  • Q1 2021 was reportedly Paypal’s strongest first quarter ever. It reported revenue worth $6.03 billion, a 31% year-over-year growth. Total payment volume (TPV) was reported at $285 billion, a 50% growth. (Q2 2021 information not available)  

  • TPV for the 2020 financial year was reported at $936 billion, a 31% growth. Revenue was reported at $21.45 billion, a 21% growth. 72.7 million NNAs were added.  

  • Q4 2020 saw Paypal finish the year on a high, with a total payment volume worth $277 billion, a 39% growth. Revenue was reported at $6.12 billion, a growth of 23%. Net New Active Accounts (NNAs) added were 16 million.  

  • During Q3 2020, Paypal’s total payment volume was reported at $247 billion, a 38% growth. The company reported revenue worth $5.46 billion, a 25% increase. There were also 15.2 million NNAs added. 

United Microelectronics Corporation ($UMC)
United Microelectronics is one of the smaller chipmakers out there but has the technology to manufacture just about any kind of chip required by the various tech companies. That versatility makes it eligible to make up nearly half of the chip market:    

  • For Q1 2021, UMC earned revenue worth $1.65 billion. Net income was reported at $366 million attributable to stockholders. (Q2 2021 information not available)

  • For Q4 2020, UMC reported revenue worth $1.59 billion. Net income was reported at $393 million attributable to stockholders.

  • Q3 2020 saw UMC reports revenue worth $1.54 billion. Net income was reported at $313 million attributable to stockholders. 

Many stocks could present winning opportunities for the future, though there is always some unpredictability involved. Having a long-term strategy with essential tips from an online trading broker may be all you need to find those winning opportunities.

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