When you’re looking into the automobile segment as you analyze your options for online stock trading, you can’t miss the General Motors ($GM) brand Cadillac. Cadillac is now proving to be the feather in General Motors’ cap.

The brand has made massive inroads into China and this has enabled it to make huge sales gains for GM. With China being the major contributor, worldwide sales of Cadillac rose nearly 24% in August. In fact, August was the second consecutive month in which Cadillac experienced more than 20% of global sales growth. Unfortunately it has not reflected in domestic sales in the United States, but the global growth could be an indication that what CEO Mary Barra has envisioned – to transform GM into a vibrant, high selling brand – is gathering steam.

Cadillac’s Chinese Odyssey

China needs to be studied individually with respect to Cadillac, since it is the only overseas region where sales for the brand are growing at a massive rate. Sales of Cadillac have almost doubled, by 93.4%, in August 2016 from August 2015.

  • XT5 Crossover and ATS-L Sedan: Key to this tremendous growth is the new XT5 crossover (SUV) which lands in that niche of the Chinese car market that has hot demand – premium midsize crossover SUV. The ATS compact sedan has also been selling well in China, so much so that GM has launched the longer wheelbase ATS-L just for the Chinese market to address concerns regarding its cramped back seat. This concern did affect sales in the United States as well, though there weren’t any model changes launched to address that. It must be remembered that the US market also accounts for a significant percentage of Cadillac’s sales.

In China, Cadillac’s year-to-date sales are up 31%.

Sales Need to Pick Up in the US

The engineering and design of Cadillac’s models has helped push sales to higher levels in China, but in the US the sales levels have not been that impressive, slipping down 6.2% through August this year. Cadillac is a growing brand in China, and its refreshing newness is attracting consumers. But it is a more than familiar brand in the US, and people who drive it are those looking for the luxury usually provided by German cars but for a lower price range. But the company has raised prices for its models in step with the quality improvements it has made in its models. This has not gone down well with consumers. Product excellence is certainly the key to draw more people away from the German brands, though it will take time to re-establish itself.

With Mary Barra’s revival plans for $GM continuing, this company is sure to taste greater success through its various brands particularly Cadillac. When trading stocks online you need to keep this in mind. You also need advanced trading software and apps to help you have a clear view of the markets so you can make wise decisions. TradeZero provides you with all that you need for successful trading. Get in touch with us at +1 954-944-3885, or email support@tradezero.co.


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