In online stock trading, you need to watch out for great shopping events which give retailers a massive opportunity to ramp up their earnings. That could have a greater effect on the retail chains' respective stock value, and that of manufacturers whose products could get sold faster and in larger numbers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are heading your way. Product manufacturers such as electronics and tech companies, and retail stores will be expecting big income boosts this time and will be working round-the-clock to capitalize on people’s expectations for great deals. This will result in some positive stock market movements for these businesses that have benefited from people’s voracious appetite for shopping.

But to be more specific about what to expect, financial experts have zeroed in on some trends to predict during this grand shopping weekend that heralds the holiday season.

This Black Friday is expected to be larger than ever before, with sales tipped to total more than $3 billion. That would be a significant 11.5% rise from last year. On Cyber Monday too, sales are expected to exceed $3 billion which would be a significant rise of 9.4% from the previous year. The Black Friday weekend will account for 25% of the top selling products this holiday season. There is expected to be an 11% rise in overall sales during this holiday season over the previous year. Sales this year are expected to reach a massive $91.6 billion. And 35% of the revenue is expected to be driven by 5% of the customers.

These predictive figures are indications that the economy is going out no holds barred. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will set the stage for tremendous sales during the whole of the coming holiday season. That means it would be a great time for retailers. Expect retail stocks to rise, especially those dealing with kids' stuff and video games, since Pokemon, Lego, Barbie, PlayStation VR and Oculus are expected to lead the holiday gifts based on how frequently they’ve been mentioned in the social networks.

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