Short selling typically seems less common than going long and the risks are greater as there is no cap as to how high a stock can go. Despite this, short selling is a viable and potentially profitable way to trade for many day traders.

In order to short sell certain stocks a trader must first either locate or borrow shares from their broker dealer to short them. Short selling broker/dealers such as TradeZero America specialize in maintaining access to inventory of shares to locate or borrow.

Not all short selling brokers/dealers will have shares to locate or borrow for all stocks and if they do the locate or borrow fees might be very high. Due diligence is therefore necessary before opening an account with a broker/dealer, as day traders who wish to short stocks need to make sure they sign up with a renowned short selling broker/dealer.

Shorting A Stock On ZeroPro

In order to take part in short selling, day traders will require a margin account. This means that the day trader can use the equity in their account as collateral for a loan from the short selling broker/dealer. This borrowed money can then be used to trade stocks. Because of this margin requirement and the need to locate shares, the steps to short selling are slightly more complicated than going long. Below I will outline the necessary steps an International day trader will go through in order to short a stock with short selling broker/dealer TradeZero.

  • Apply for a margin account when signing up. If you have any problems the 24/7 live chat service will happily guide you through the process.
  • Decide which stock you want to short.
  • Open up ZeroPro trading software and at the top of the screen select the short locates icon from the menu bar. See below:

    (ZeroPro : Menu Bar : October 2022)

  • Once the short locates window is open, type in the name of the stock you wish to borrow shares for. See below:

    (ZeroPro : Short Locates : October 2022)

  • Shares can be borrowed in lots of 100.
  • If you are happy with the price of the locates then click accept and proceed to borrow the shares.
  • Open up the simple order entry window on ZeroPro and type in the name of the stock you wish to short and then type in the number of shares to short.
  • When ready to enter the short position, click “short” in the order entry box and when ready to exit click “cover”. See below:

    (ZeroPro : Simple Order Entry : October 2022)

  • Once the position is covered, go back to the inventory tab in the short locates window and the shares you borrowed will be available for credit. Click credit to return the shares. Please note there is no guarantee you’ll get a credit for those shares traded or how much you’ll be credited. It depends on the demand for that borrow.

    TradeZero Is An Award Winning Short Selling Broker/Dealer

    It is my personal advice to all International day traders to sign up to TradeZero International for both long and short selling. TradeZero was named the best broker/dealer for short selling for the 2nd straight year at the 2021 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards. Check out this article by Bloomberg regarding the award winning short selling broker/dealer, including the direct quote below :

    “TradeZero’s short locates platform enables customers to quickly source both easy and hard to borrow stocks in order to rapidly implement bi-directional trading strategies. TradeZero also provides the unique ability to sell back locates once customers are done with them or get credit for unused locates. Most customers do not hold positions overnight, mitigating the need to actually borrow short shares.”

    The point about selling back locates once finished with them in addition to the option of getting credit for unused locates, is unique to TradeZero and something that can save day traders quite a bit of money over the course of time.


    International day traders generally seem to prefer to go long on stocks rather than going short. Despite this, short selling is used by many day traders and is a viable strategy. Short selling brokers/dealers will typically vary in both their availability and pricing of shares to borrow. TradeZero International is a specialized and award winning short selling broker/dealer that offers a good package for short selling. I have personally found them to be the best option available. The process to borrow shares and short a stock is easy to follow and efficient on the TradeZero platform ZeroPro.

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