In conventional or online stock trading there are some industries you need to watch out for because of their significant potential for the future. The tech sector is certainly a happening place. It’s had its ups and downs but something huge is certainly brewing here.

It’s probably the worst kept secret that Apple ($AAPL) is looking to expand its reach beyond smartphones. The company is investing in R&D in machine learning, and in a field that has massive scope for the future, artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence Is the Future

Artificial intelligence refers to the next quantum leap of technology where machines get smarter to the extent that they do the thinking and planning for us, on a daily basis. Applications include smart, energy-saving homes and self-driving cars. Smartphones are an example of AI at work. But even smarter smartphones are also on the anvil. In other words, AI would influence every aspect of our lives, making it quite lucrative for tech companies, though there is a good deal of initial investment involved. IDC Research claims that the AI market would be growing to $70 billion by the time we enter 2020. Gartner claims that 85% of all interactions we engage in would have machines to manage them in the future.

Apple’s Competitors Aren’t Sitting Still

And Apple isn’t the only company that has realized the advantages of starting early on AI innovation. In fact, the tech majors Microsoft ($MSFT), Facebook ($FB) and Google ($GOOG) have already begun research into incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence in their products. This conversation with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella nearly two months back details the company’s ideas. The company’s Tay chat bot is a lifelike example, and though it didn’t quite go according to plan it proved the humanness of AI tools. $MSFT then experimented with Xiaoice in China that turned out to be a huge success there, not only for its practical uses but also for its ability to hold a conversation and take away the boredom for people. And let’s not forget the virtual assistant Cortana that comes with Windows.

Apple’s Approach

But what sets Apple apart is that it isn’t focused as much on incorporating technology trends as much as it is on ensuring perfection of its technology. In spite of that approach, by launching Siri in 2011, Apple was the first major technology company incorporating virtual assistants in its software. Since then $AAPL has been including AI and machine learning in its product development. Key to this has been the acquisition of AI companies, the latest of which is Turi that focuses on fraud detection and recommendation engines.

The extent of artificial intelligence innovation is detailed in this article by Backchannel, which leads us to believe that Apple is head and shoulders into the AI and machine learning bandwagon. New products could be on the way soon and, with it, Apple’s quest to rule the market.

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