In stock trading and investing, it is important to understand the nature of the market of the stocks you're dealing with. Innovation is what gives the edge to tech stocks, and the tech innovation that's been the talk of investors for quite some time is artificial intelligence (AI). While Apple ($AAPL) seemed to be lagging behind its rivals in AI, the latest iPhone releases prove otherwise.

Apple's ($AAPL) artificial intelligence initiative could have taken a giant step forward. Its latest iPhone releases, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus, contain amazing features such as Face ID, augmented reality (AR) features plus a deep aptitude for artificial intelligence. These iPhones come with the A11 Bionic chip containing two processing cores specifically dedicated for AI.

User Privacy Is Apple's Primary Concern

Privacy consciousness has been an issue with advancing AI for Apple. Apple has been developing personalized AI which doesn't rely too much on the cloud. That's where deep learning comes in. It's a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence that involves gathering large amounts of data and getting it aggregated in the cloud. But Apple doesn't like that since it goes against its reservations regarding data protection.

In its iMessage and FaceTime apps, Apple makes use of end-to-end encryption and other such stuff to maintain its high standards of personal data privacy. It does not maintain user profiles as well, to prevent chances of sensitive and personalized user data from reaching third parties. But until now, when the A11 Bionic chip has made its way, Apple's rigid stance on privacy was preventing it from securing the data it needed for furthering its artificial intelligence development.

The A11 Bionic Chip

As we mentioned earlier, the latest iPhones will now be equipped with the A11 Bionic chip. So how can this help Apple get the edge on its competitors when it comes to artificial intelligence? This chip features a neural engine which is basically two cores dedicated to processing artificial intelligence. Now if that hasn't really got you excited, here's a look into the massive capability of the A11:

  • It can perform a whopping 600 billion operations in a second
  • These operations will be processed in real time

Apple reckons it is the smartest and most powerful chip to be ever seen in a smartphone, and this is deep learning in action. The chip has taken deep learning out of the vulnerabilities of the cloud and secured it in the smartphone. The Face ID feature also uses AI for its facial recognition.

Brand New and High Performing GPU

Along with this, the new iPhones will also be equipped with a new GPU designed by Apple delivering graphics 30% quicker than the previousiPhones. This GPU features a six-core CPU plus a performance controller harnessing all the six cores simultaneously. It ends up making the iPhone performing faster and stronger.

Advancing AI without Compromising on User Privacy

Apple has been harnessing artificial intelligence for some time though, despite its privacy standards. AI has powered the voice recognition feature in Siri. But that's nothing compared to the depths of AI that the A11 Bionic chip has explored. Developing this revolutionary AI technology did take up some time, which made investors think that Apple had slid back with regard to its competitors in developing AI technology. But now it's hit back with mighty force. It's done that without compromising on user privacy. The A11 Bionic chip has given Apple a giant leap while maintaining its high standards of user privacy.

This is just what its investors needed to hear, and it will surely pump up the company's stock value since it has proven that it hasn't been that far from its competitors in artificial intelligence. Technology also powers TradeZero's advanced trading software that can help you trade the markets from the comfort of your home. Get in touch with us at +1 954-944-3885 or email


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