Online stock trading succeeds with advanced technology such as the trading software that helps you have a clear view of the market and make the right decisions. But technology also shifts the currents in the stock market with regard to tech stocks. The greater the innovative and groundbreaking technology the tech companies employ, the higher is their potential to shake the market and the chances of their stocks rising in value.

The Robot Retail Idea

As if Amazon’s ($AMZN) idea of a store sans cashiers wasn’t radical enough, it’s now looking to introduce a store that’s manned byrobots! A prototype store may be ready as early as late 2017! The store would be a two-storey structure. The ground floor would contain stuff such as fresh vegetables and fruits that shoppers would want to touch, feel and buy while the top floor would have robots that would pick out items shoppers want.

The Amazon Go Concept

If you’ve forgotten what the Amazon Go concept is all about, here’s a synopsis. It makes use of sensor fusion, deep learning algorithms and other such technologies to give you a shopping experience without checkouts! How is that possible? Well, users must enter the Amazon Go app on their Smartphones. They then enter the physical store and just take hold of all the items they need by scanning each object they take with their Smartphone. Even if you took something but then decided you don’t need it and put it back, it automatically gets struck from your checkout list. After you’ve finished shopping, and as you walk out the door, you’ll get a receipt sent to your app.

This grocery store concept is being experimented in Seattle by employees of Amazon. The public will be able to use the Amazon Go store sometime soon, in early 2017. The robots-picking-up-items-for-customers concept could be added to this, to make it something out of a science fiction movie.

Other Store Concepts

It is also being reported that Amazon has a concept in mind that could have elements of a conventional brick-and-mortar grocery store and a drive-thru fast food store since customers would also be able to order their groceries online and then pick them up through the drive-thru window. Wal-Mart ($WMT) has ventured into this arena with its curb side pickup service. There is massive potential for this particular concept too. What’s similar between this concept and Amazon Go is that it would only be for those who are Amazon Prime members.

The robot concept though is certainly out of this world. But this can also be a business masterstroke since robots can help Amazon significantly reduce the money spent on employee salaries, especially since it already uses robots for its fulfillment purposes. Some sources are also reporting that $AMZN could reduce the number of employees at each of its locations to 6!

The details could seem confusing now, but all we need to do is to wait for some pretty interesting announcements in the days and months ahead. Amazon is entering physical retail which could jolt existing retail giants from their secure positions at the head of the market.

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