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Experienced stock traders always have a clear view of the markets around them, not just those they are involved in. This helps, because markets influence each other, and the trends in an overseas market could make their way into the market you’re dealing with as well. There have been many developments in Wall Street and European stock markets as the month of May began.


European Stocks Fall in the Trend of Asian Markets


European stocks have fallen in spite of the earnings on May 4, 2016. STOXX 600, the pan-European stock exchange was down by 0.88%. These markets followed the trend of the Asian markets that also traded lower mainly due to the weakening of the oil price rally. Asian markets witnessed US crude futures slipping by 0.11% at $43.60 following a 2.5% dip on Tuesday. Brent futures traded 0.18% lower after a 1.9% fall on Tuesday.


Great Earnings in Banking Sector


There was a good deal of earnings too on Wednesday, primarily in the banking sector. Austria’s Erste Group witnessed a net profit rise to 274.7 million euros in 2016 first quarter from the 225.8 million in the first quarter of 2015. Shares, however, were lower. France’s Societe Generale revealed that its net income witnessed a 6.5% rise to 924 million euros or $1.06 million in the first quarter of 2016. Virgin Money had a 30% year-on-year increase in gross mortgage lending, rising to 2.1 billion pounds, and revealed that it is confident of its future.


Miners’ Shares Slip


However, the shares of mining company BHP Billiton slipped by over 6.9%. The company, along with its partner Vale was filed a $44 billion lawsuit by Brazilian prosecutors for a dam collapse which killed 17 people. Royal Dutch Shell posted a sharper drop in earnings. On a CCS (current cost of supplies) basis, the company’s earnings amounted to $0.8 billion, a significant drop from the $4.8 billion in 2015’s first quarter which has sent the shares lower.


The new law in Europe demanding that tobacco companies use standardized packages having prominent health warnings in 2020 has made investors keep an eye on tobacco stocks. Menthol cigarettes are also banned by the law, and e-cigarette sales are regulated. One of the major companies that brought the case to court was Philip Morris. US stock futures are also experiencing a dip.


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