In online stock trading, you need the right software to help you learn about a stock. This is important, because you should never make any stock trading decision without studying the stock for what it's worth.

Low Priced Stocks in a Market Rally Situation?

There are some top stocks that are amazingly available for less than $10 per share. Stock value can fall due to various reasons and not all of them need to be because of the poor performance of these companies. It's important to carry out proper research before you select these stocks though, since the stock market is in the midst of a massive rally and major indexes are reporting record highs. It is hard to find stocks priced below $10 while the market is in such a rally, so you need to do your researchto find out why these currently low-priced stocks are not part of the rally.

But stocks below $10 needn't always be priced as low. There are sub-$10 stocks that do have business fundamentals that are steady or are improving. Investors need to make use of the opportunity to grab these stocks while they are still priced in single digit figures, before they soar.

It’s Sirius

Sirius XM ($SIRI) is one of these stocks. It recently crossed $5 per share after its Q4 earnings report surpassed management guidance in various important metrics. It reached a $5 billion record annual sales mark in 2016 as 1.75 million net subscribers were newly added. Profits too rose by a massive 46% to reach $746 million. The company also has a strong cash flow, experiencing a 15% spike in free cash flow last year to $1.5 billion. More record growths are being forecasted by the company in 2017, with 1.3 million paying subscribers added and significant growth achieved in terms of average revenue per user. These should bring about a spike in adjusted earnings from $1.88 billion in 2016 to $2 billion. This year should see more generation of solid free cash flow. Shareholders can also expect more dividends and stock repurchases this year.

Sirius XM has a really competitive content portfolio and, as long as it makes smart investment decisions, there could be more records to beat for the company. That makes it a golden opportunity to grab this stock now.

Such insight comes with greater awareness about stocks and the market. The right trading software makes online stock trading a more pleasant and efficient endeavor. TradeZero offers this and more. Get in touch with us at +1 954-944-3885 or email


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