The increased business activity and rising consumer demand in 2021 has opened up many stocks potentially worth investing in. This could be great for online stock trading.  

Nokia ($NOK)
The Finnish telecom technology company once struggled when smartphones from other manufacturers snatched the market leadership enjoyed by its simpler handsets. However, Nokia is looking to capitalize on the 5G revolution and even define 6G platform standards. Covid-19 did affect operations for the company in 2020:  
  • Q1 2021 revealed a great start to the year for the Finland-based telecom and handset company. Constant currency net sales rose 9% year-on-year. Net sales rose 3% from Q1 2020. Smartphone shipments were reported at nearly 2 million, while they were 1.7 million in Q1 2020.   
  • In Q4 2020, Nokia had a year-over-year drop of 5% in reported net sales. Net sales in terms of constant currency rose 1%.  
  • For Q3 2020, Nokia revealed net sales dropping 7% year-on-year. Net sales were reported at EUR 5.29 billion, compared to EUR 5.68 billion in Q3 2019.    
  • Q2 2020 saw Nokia beating earnings estimates despite dealing with the challenges of Covid-19. Profit earned from continuing operations was EUR 85 million, compared to loss worth EUR 191 million in Q2 2019.  
Walmart ($WMT)
The largest retailer in the world boasts 240 million customers every week. While the Covid-19 pandemic had affected its physical store sales in 2020, its online sales picked up. Its heavily discounted prices are also hard for competitors to beat.  
  • For fiscal Q1 2021, Walmart reported total revenue worth $138.3 billion which was a year-over-year growth of $3.7 billion. Operating income was reported at $6.9 billion.  
  • For fiscal Q2 2021, Walmart reported net income worth $6.48 billion compared to $3.61 billion the previous year. The company enjoyed annual growth of 97%.   
  • Fiscal Q3 2021 saw Walmart report net income worth $5.14 billion compared to $3.29 billion the previous year. E-commerce sales rocketed 79% as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, it earned revenue worth $134.7 billion exceeding Refinitiv estimates of $132.2 billion.   
  • In fiscal Q4 2021, Walmart missed market expectations. However, its e-commerce sales rose by 69% while same-store sales had an 8.6% growth.    
RH ($RH)  

The company, known earlier as Restoration Hardware, sells maintenance equipment and products for expensive homes going through extensive restoration. With Covid-19 having forced people to remain indoors in 2020, they had plenty of time to focus on home improvement:  

  • Q1 2021 saw RH report revenue worth $861 million, beating expectations of $758 million. Net income was reported at $130.7 million, compared to the previous year’s $3.2 million loss.  

  • For Q4 2020, RH reported net income worth $130.19 million, a significant rise from $68.43 million in Q4 2019. Net revenue rose from $664.98 in Q4 2019 to $812.44 million.

  • For Q3 2020, RH posted revenue worth $844 million. Company demand rose 33% while core demand rose 42%. The stay-at-home directives to combat the Covid-19 pandemic actually led people to spend more on home improvement.

  • RH posted revenue worth $709.69 million for Q2 2020, overtaking Zacks’ estimate by 2.12% and beating the year-ago figure of $706.51 million. This has been the fifth consecutive quarter of topping consensus estimates.  

Clover Health ($CLOV)

Medicare-contracted Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Clover Health saw improvement in revenue all through a Covid-stricken 2020 and into 2021:  

  • For Q1 2021, Clover Health reported total revenue worth $200.3 million, compared to $165.5 million in Q1 2020.  

  • Q4 2020 saw Clover Health report total revenue of $166.2 million compared to $115.3 million in Q4 2019; and net loss of $81.6 million compared to $78.7 million in Q4 2019.  

  • During the whole of 2020, Clover Health reported gross profit worth $82.4 million, compared to just $11.6 million in 2019. Net loss was reported at $91.6 million, significantly lower than the $363.7 million reported in 2019.  

With this data, it is clear that there is plenty of growth ahead, now that 2020 has passed by and 2021 rolls on with a lesser number of Covid-19 cases. The online business models are set to continue though. With an experienced online trading broker, you can make use of the opportunity.  

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