Online direct market access brokers have made stock trading an exciting activity to get involved in. And there is always anticipation as a new week starts, because the markets could turn for the better or the worse based on the events happening then.

Q2 Earnings of Some Big Banks

The third week of July is going to see a lot of action since there many earnings reports for the 2nd quarter that we will be witnessing. Among the Q2 earnings presenters are some of the major banks starting with Citigroup that would already have reported on Monday morning, JPMorgan Chase ($JPM), Goldman Sachs ($GS) and Wells Fargo ($WFC) on Tuesday and then Bank of America ($BAC) and Morgan Stanley ($MS) on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

Why You Need to Look Out for JPMorgan Chase

InvestorPlace analyst Vince Martin reckons that the earnings of JPMorgan Chase would be the most interesting for those who don’t currently hold the stock. The bank has a history of earnings beats, all in recent quarters. Despite that, its stock hasn’t particularly benefited. Of the major US banks, JPM has been the best in execution with Bank of America coming close. But JPM’s stock has still been in a sideways movement since the start of 2018, which has been the case for Bank of America as well.

So what you need to look out for is if the economic backdrop is any different now than it has been in the past years, and if that will benefit the $JPM stock? In the past 20 months, Martin points out, banks have raised their earnings while investors have shrunk their earnings multiples. That needs to change for the bank stocks to break out. JPMorgan Chase earnings could be an indication as to whether the change could actually happen.

Netflix Needs to Show Increase in Subscriber Count

Wednesday, July 17 is when the Netflix ($NFLX) 2nd quarter earnings report would come out following market close. The stock is looking to break through the resistance. With the quarter’s guidance being quite disappointing, investors would want numbers that are better than expected. Netflix would need to show that its subscriber numbers have increased. This is crucial, especially with AT&T ($T) and Disney ($DIS) all launching their respective streaming services.

Microsoft Earnings Set to Make Big Impact

Microsoft’s ($MSFT) earnings reporting is happening on Thursday, July 18. With the software giant being the most valuable company in the market, this is extremely important, and its Friday trading will shake the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the markets. Martin also reminds that this will prove whether the company has been hit by the trillion dollar curse that has also affected Apple ($AAPL) and Amazon ($AMZN) before.

With analysts and strategists keeping a close watch on the market happenings, their opinion could help in making strategic decisions, just as how advanced stock market trading software helps you keep in touch with your trading account and carry out smooth trading.

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