In stock trading you have growth investors and value investors. If you're looking for growth you perhaps need to be willing to accommodate some risk. But sometimes the potential for growth is just so massive that you really need to go for it.

High-growth stocks are exciting and can attract investors. It's even better when the growth is not going to be short-lived. What if you find stocks that are not only growing, but their journey of growth has just begun and they have a lot more growth to attain? Well, one of Motley Fool's investors has picked up an interesting stock that fits this attractive description. ($JD)

Brian Stoffel recommends since he believes it is one company that could potentially challenge Alibaba's ($BABA) coveted position at the head of the Chinese ecommerce ladder. Alibaba isn't a vertically integrated e-commerce system, but a market platform. It has etched its name in the minds of the people in China whenever they want to buy something. Chinese buyers and sellers realize that Alibaba or Taobao is where they need to head to for buying stuff directly.

This business model also gives Alibaba the advantage of relatively low overhead costs. It is now extremely difficult to take on Alibaba in its own game thanks to its network effect. It's now the preferred destination for shoppers in China, and it's quite hard for the competition to catch up. has instead focused on building out a massive fulfillment network and controlling much of the merchandise. Now this network has grown to 405 warehouses and seven fulfillment centers all over China.'s Strong Point

Stoffel points out the ace up JD's sleeve - being in significant control of a good deal of its merchandise enables shoppers to worry less about buying counterfeit products, which Stoffel identifies as a major issue in China.Stoffel believes that with JD's unique business model, conceived by Liu Qiangdong, founder and CEO, it has the potential to encroach into Alibaba's e-commerce market share.

Figures from the most recent quarter highlight the point. Gross merchandise volume for JD has had a 32% rise to reach around $46 billion. Revenue too soared by 39.2% to touch $12.6 billion. There were 266.3 million annual active customers for JD in the most recent quarter, a growth of 34%.

Stoffel suggests there is still a lot more potential for growth in China for the company. There's a lot more opportunity, particularly given that JD is now trading for only 24 times trailing FCF (free cash flow) and it has the safety net of vertical integration.

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