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The TradeZero Digital Currency exchange is a division of TradeZero, Inc., a broker dealer registered with the Securities Commission of the Bahamas, focused on trading in digital currency markets. The exchange is designed for individuals and institutions that want to trade large volumes of Bitcoin that cannot be facilitated on other exchanges. Clients get access to a commission-free dark pool digital for digital currency trading, allowing them to make big purchases or sales without substantially moving the market price. This is a unique opportunity and will appeal to those who are serious about trading or building a portfolio with digital currency. The depth of this liquidity and the ability to safely and securely trade with other clients is what sets the TradeZero exchange apart from our competitors.

As security is paramount in the digital currency world, TradeZero has partnered with Bitgo for the use of their secure wallets. Bitgo insures and securely stores digital currency using the highest level of enterprise grade security in Silicon Valley, so clients can be sure that their digital assets are safe and protected.

Clients of Trade Zero Digital Currency can fund their accounts with Bitcoin and any other national currency. All non-USD that are sent for funding will be converted into USD at the market exchange rate. Digital currency transfers are done at no cost.

The Digital Currency Exchange Division is headed by Jered Kenna, one of the original pioneers of Bitcoin. He launched the first US Bitcoin exchange in June of 2011. He is internationally recognized as an expert on digital currencies and brings a wealth of experience to this rapidly growing financial industry.

Bitcoin Platform

The TradeZero Bitcoin Trader main interface provides the trader with the current Spot Price of XBT as well as the High, Low and Volume.

It also provides account and exchange specific information broken down into the following four screens:


This window provides the trader with trading and transfer ability. The screen allows for the buying and selling of Bitcoin, transferring Bitcoin to other account holders, as well as make account deposits and withdrawals.


The orders screen shows all open orders, as well as all order history. This order window updates in real-time and will provide the status of all orders.


The Info window provides all account balances, status on all transfers and withdrawal requests, as well as account statements


The Messages window is the location in which admins can converse with traders regarding customer service or account related issues. This window also allows traders to send messages to one another.

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