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TradeZero is in Crypto

Welcome to our crypto beta launch! We are very excited to have you be one of the first people trading crypto with Zero Hash through TradeZero's ZeroPro trading platform

As part of the beta testing process here is some basic information to get started.​

Helpful Tips - Getting Setup

  • Enable Crypto on account: Login to Portal > Select "opt-in" on pop-up invite > Upload passport > Sign and acknowledge the relevant disclosures agreements.
  • Confirm Crypto service is enabled: Login to ZeroPro > review navigation bar for "Crypto Order Entry"; "Crypto Watchlist" > click on windows to confirm they pop-up.

Helpful Tips - Getting Started

  • New ZeroPro windows and features to check out:
  • - "Crypto Order Entry" window to place all crypto orders with
  • - "Crypto Watchlist" window for dedicated space to monitor your desired tokens
  • - Portfolio will now include your cryptocurrency assets
  • - News will include crypto related content
  • Consider "Linking" these two crypto dedicated windows to each other, to a chart, as well as to any other windows where you think it would be helpful to have the linking functionality enabled.
  • You should be able to enter symbols of available crypto tokens into the symbol field on the top left of the Order Entry window as well as access available crypto tokens by using the drop-down arrow.
  • The Crypto Order Entry window will provide available crypto market data for the symbol entered including the best bid, best ask, last price, and the open and close price. For historical market data, you will need to use the chart.
  • The Crypto Order Entry window allows you to enter orders by specifying the amount or the quantity you would like to buy or sell. Please note that ONLY MARKET ORDERS are currently supported for crypto trading.
  • The Crypto Watchlist will display market data for available crypto tokens at the same time and can be linked to the Order Entry window as well as a chart for ease of trading.

Contact Us

  • Support: If you have further questions about using ZeroPro please refer to our user guide or email customer support at

  • If you encounter a Zero Hash trading related issue and need immediate assistance, please call customer support at 1-877-487-2330 or you can chat live to a representative by going to our website

Beta Feedback

  • As part of the beta testing process, we encourage you to provide feedback on your experience and urge you to let us know if you encounter any issues. We also want to hear about any improvements or features you would like to see in the future. Please submit all feedback to

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